About Us

Founded in 2002, YOUR EYE GUARDIAN is an optometry centre dedicated to providing professional eye health examination using advanced instruments. With the combination of the latest equipment coupled with our decades of experience, we assist our clients in providing education about all aspects of eye care. We believe that with proper eye care and early detection of any eye diseases, your eye health will be kept at its optimum condition.

By placing a strong emphasis on the importance of eye care, we are also committed to the importance of providing a well-fitting pair of eyeglasses. Our opticians will help you determine the best fitting glasses that suit each client’s face shape and the best pair of lenses that suit your budget and lifestyle.

Our Mission

To provide the best and honest eye care services in Singapore.


Preventing Blindness

YOUR EYE GUARDIAN provides reliable and professional eye care by providing eye screening services for early detection of any eye diseases. Eye diseases are often silent; even though you are able to see perfectly well, you may already be silently suffering from eye conditions such as glaucoma and retinal diseases. These are just some of the potential eye diseases that can rob you of your vision in a very short period of time, if undetected.


Making Good Glasses

YOUR EYE GUARDIAN understands the importance of having a pair of well-fitted spectacle frame with comfortable spectacle prescription and lenses. Our opticians will assist you with all the intricate steps to ensure that the pair of spectacles and contact lenses that you purchase benefits your lifestyle, your appearance and most importantly, your vision.

Building Friendship

At YOUR EYE GUARDIAN, you are more than just a customer to us. We believe in building long-lasting and trusting relationships with our clients. By applying a close friend or family approach, we take great care in providing you with excellent eye care support, service and friendship.

About Benny

Benny graduated as an Optometrist in 1997 and has practised optometry ever since. He has assisted in research work and public talks with the late Assoc Professor Chew Sek Jin, who was renowned as a pioneer in myopia research and was president of the Myopia International Research Foundation.

Today, he actively participates in eye health seminars and conducts public eye health screening for institutions, companies and community centres in Singapore. Benny specializes in internal eye examination for Glaucoma and retinal diseases and also in the fitting of progressive lenses. He runs YourEyeGuardian, a company that provides examination and consultation for various eye conditions such as red eyes, excessive tearing, dry eyes, floaters, flashes of light, distorted and blurry vision.

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