Are Your Current Glasses Causing More Harm Than Good To Your Eyesight After Your 30s? Here’s How You Can Reclaim Your Flawless Vision with this New Progressive Technology

By Benny Chang, Optometrist | March 14th, 2022

“With their advanced progressive technology, I can see far and near at the same time with ease. I’d highly recommend you to see them to address any eye discomfort and vision problems. Excellent work! Keep it up!“

Glasses make your vision worse: Myth or reality?

Do single vision prescription glasses make your eyesight worse? Because it sure seems like our eyes get too weak and dependent on glasses over the years.

As we age, we naturally lose some of the visual abilities we had when we were younger. Especially if you’re aged between 35-65 years old, you’d realize that just like your body, your eyes change as you grow older. 

There might be moments when you can’t clearly see close objects or prints like before. Sometimes you see tiny spots or freckles that drift across your field of vision. Or even cloudy areas on part of your eyes.

Over the years of working hard for your family, you’ve been exposing your eyes to long hours of harmful rays from all the traveling, late night work environment, and even staring at mobile phones and computer screens all day long.

Even though you may not have symptoms or pain early on, these long exposures often accelerates the rate of developing age-related vision problems such as dry eyes, glaucoma, floaters, cataracts, drooping eyelids & age-related dry macular degeneration.

And if you don’t catch it early, it can potentially lead to permanent vision loss and blindness. 

So then, are single vision glasses sufficient to protect your eyes from harm in the long run?

If you're both nearsighted and farsighted and wear bifocals or switch between glasses, you should hear this

The bifocal line:

Aging has its perks. Like salt and pepper hair for men, and mature elegance for women. But it’s all fun and games until you’re out with your loved ones and have to read a menu.

You see, as we age, usually after our 30s, our eyes start to have trouble focusing on objects at different distances.

So, what do most of us do? We go get bifocal lenses. And bifocal lenses are a wonderful change from switching between two pairs of glasses. Let’s be honest, it makes us feel less old.

Bifocals are glasses that boast two-lens powers. The upper part of the lens helps you see distant objects, and the lower part is for near objects, such as reading a menu.

But the point is that bifocals are literally two lenses merged into one. You can even see the LINE where they connect. And that’s what makes them a huge adjustment bump for most people.

Stop using bifocals when you're behind a screen! If you're a remote worker, office worker, or freelancer, progressive lenses are what you need

Bifocals vs Progressives – You think it’s the chair but it’s really your glasses:

It sure sounds like an advertisement for progressives. But, believe me, it’s NOT. As I write this piece, I’m wearing progressive glasses, and for a dang good reason.  And here’s why..

You see, bifocals, as I mentioned before, contain two lenses. The top part is for long ranges, and the bottom part is for short ranges.

But what happens at medium distances? That’s right, there isn’t one. So, when you’re on your computer or behind a screen, you tend to tilt your head back to see from the lower lens.

And that, my friend, not only distorts your vision and makes it blurry, but also puts a strain on your neck, shoulder and back muscles.

Which is probably the reason why you feel 10 times more exhausted than usual. You think it’s your chair, but it’s the glasses.

Now compare this to progressive lens which provides you smoother vision, where the transition from seeing near to far is natural and does not show any distortion for your eyes. They also look like regular glasses too and are adaptable to any type of frames to keep you looking trendy!

YEG's Blue Light Progressive Lenses Offer Limitless, Clearer and Wider Vision, all while keeping up to your fashion

No bifocal line:

At Your Eye Guardian we offer a unique blue-light-blocking progressive lens. It has no bifocal line, and offers a wider viewing angle.

Think of it as the automatic version of the bifocal lens. While bifocals are two lenses connected, progressives are three lenses seamlessly merged.


They allow you to switch between short, medium and long-distance vision smoothly and almost instantly. With no visible line on your glasses, and looking as normal as any reading pair.

The answer to astigmatism:

Astigmatism is a condition in which light does not focus evenly on the retina because of an irregularly shaped cornea which causes the vision to be blurred.

So in addition to correcting nearsightedness and farsightedness, progressive glasses also work wonderfully for astigmatism.


All-day wear:

Progressives take convenience to the next level. They are extremely trendy and help you get through the day without that second or third pair of glasses in your back pocket.

They are suitable for all types of distances. So you can read, work on your computer, your phone, drive… you put on one pair and see everything, without having to swap glasses.


Digital surfacing:

When it comes to progressive glasses, the biggest drawback, aside from the budget, is the fear of distortion.

However, this is only a problem with poor quality progressives. So rest assured, YourEyeGuardian does not cut corners or spare any expense when it comes to quality.

Their progressive lenses are digitally surfaced with advanced diamond cutting technology. This offers the lowest peripheral distortion in progressives.

Progressive Glasses are where Style Meets Performance

Other Bifocals

YEG Progressive Glasses

At Your Eye Guardian, customers ask for progressives every day, even if not by name.

When you want a pair of glasses that help you see objects at a distance and read stuff up close at the same time, but you don’t want an obvious line in your glasses. You ask for progressives.

Progressives are an aesthetic choice. But on the other hand, they are the technology that offers the clearest vision out there.

Yes, they cost slightly more than a regular pair of glasses, but they are well worth it.

Don't Let Your Age or Your Glasses Dictate Your lifestyle - Choose the Progressives & Take Over the Reins

Your Eye Guardian helps you make this transition easier with our exceptional “VisionCare” package. It walks you through every step of the process and ensures an effortless adjustment to progressive lenses throughout the year. Here’s what is included in each “VisionCare” package.

Complimentary 3x comprehensive eye exam: Your daily habits affect the degree of your vision causing it to fluctuate every few months. To ensure that your progressives are adjusted accordingly, we provide an additional 3 complimentary checks which will be spaced out for a full year. With a first check upon making your progressives, a second check after 6 months and a third check after 12 months.

Blue light blocking progressive lenses: With an additional filter on your glasses, to protect your eyes from unnecessary glare looking at computer or mobile screens for over long periods of time. It also helps to improve sleep, alleviate eye fatigue, or protect your overall eye health.

Over 200 fashion frames to choose from: When we say, we don’t compromise on fashion, we mean it. Your Eye Guardian gives you a myriad of frame styles to choose from that fits your style. Find a frame that’s not just trendy or of a particular colour, but also the right shape that highlights your facial features making you look extra good.

1 year of Vision Care coverage: Most optical shops shy away from this but at Your Eye Guardian, we believe in what we offer and ensure that you are well taken cared of. Hence we offer a 1-year warranty for defects, damage and breakage. This way, you don’t have to worry about incurring any additional expenses each time you go back to your shop to get something fixed. 

Lifetime Membership: You don’t cut ties after your purchase. Your Eye Guardian gives you a lifetime membership and access to the loyalty program for promotions, freebies and discounts. We don’t make a customer, we make a friend for life.

Eyecare in Singapore can be pretty expensive. And that’s why at Your Eye Guardian, we strive to bring affordable eye care to every common Singaporean.

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