Our customers’ feedbacks

“My favourite Optometrist! I first went to YOUR EYE GUARDIAN in 2012 and Benny & his team prescribed reading glasses in a simple frame instead of trying to up-sell me to a much more expensive frame.

Later, he retrofitted some expensive progressive lenses I’d bought into a more durable frame that I’m using to this day!”

– Alan Street

“As I got older, my eye-related problems got worse. Due to my busy work schedule and always looking at screens, I started to suffer from blurred vision, headaches and painful eyes.

Benny helped me alleviate these problems by prescribing a new set of high-tech glasses. And just like that, those problems got a lot more manageable! Thank you Benny for your invaluable assistance in protecting my eyes!”

– Minimaran

“Mr Benny Chang is an exceptional optometrist. He is very thorough and I have never seen others like him. I would give him 10 stars out of 10. Each procedure was explained in detail, his skills top notch as well as his delightful personality. I would recommend clients, family and friends to visit his shop!

Once again, thank you for your excellent service rendered to me.”

Kelly Koh, Certified Public Accountant, Partner of KCC CORPORATE SERVICES PTE LTD

“Due to my high degree, my glasses were generally heavy and uncomfortable. I am glad that Benny and his team of optometry professionals were able to address my issue.

With their advanced progressive technology, I can see far and near at the same time with ease.I’d highly recommend you to see them to address any eye discomfort and vision problems. Excellent work! Keep it up!

Philip Tan, Company Director

“Benny and his team are patient and helpful. They have been my eye care provider for many years and they always find solution to help me with my eyes conditions.

Recently I discovered that I have long history of difficulties in focusing visually. I was not able to focus for more than 10 minutes. Benny was quick assess to help me and co-manage with a vision therapy consultant who specializes in this area.

I am happy and blessed to have him as my optometrist and as my friend. I will alwaysrecommend my friends to him because of his patience, passion and helpfulness.”

Cathy Leung

“I did my eye check and new spectacles with Benny & his eye care team at YOUR EYE GUARDIAN.

Among the numerous optometrists I have been to, Benny & his team are the most passionate and meticulous one I have encountered.

Their technical expertise, and ability to simplify them into useful knowledge for me, was most impressive. Also, the spectacles they made was very comfortable and most befitting for my professional image. It makes me look younger and more energetic.

I am already referring my friends and clients to Benny & YOUR EYE GUARDIAN and definitely more to come, in giving my loved ones the eye care they deserve!”

Simon Goh, Financial Consultant

“My previous progressive specs were uncomfortable as the frame was not designed to be fitted with progressive lenses. It was too near to my face and it kept sliding down and fogging up.

But thanks to Benny & his team at YOUR EYE GUARDIAN, he introduced me to his Germany Technology Progressive Lens and with selection of a proper frame it allowed me to see both far and near clearly and comfortably. Furthermore, its transition properties made me feel a lot better under bright sunlight. My life is so much more convenient now!”

– Carole Tan

“We totally enjoyed our session at Your Eye Guardian. Benny & his team received us with such warmth. Really impressed with the comprehensive eye checks that they provided for us saving us the trip to the eye centre to learn about our retina / cornea health!

Yay! My eyes have been given a clean bill of health..!

I have gotten my progressive pair of prescriptions and both the readings & adjustments are really comfortable. No issues getting use to them at all!

Over all, we’re very pleased with Your Eye Guardian’s quality of service/ products & price! Well Done!”

Sarah Ling

“Just got a new pair of specs at a very reasonable price today. Thanks Benny Chang! Check out Your Eye Guardian if you’ve a need for quality eyewear!”

Ryan Chow

“Thanks Benny! I am another happy customer!”

– Winne Mah

“Never imagined that I would patronize a one-man optical shop again after a bad experience years ago. However, a casual inquiry recently brought me back to Your Eye Guardian and that was when I met Benny Chang. I expected to stay no more than 10 minutes but ended up staying an hour and having a pair of prescription glasses made. Not only was Benny a very patient optometrist ( he was attending to an elderly customer who was there before me), he proved to be very knowledgeable and thorough in his work. When I collected my specs a week later, it was the best fit I have had in a pair of new glasses in years. Thank you Benny!”

Thomas Teo

“Benny professionally fitted me with the best valued progressive lens glasses and I’m very happy and impressed with his level of knowledge. What is more commendable is his after sales services. Rectified my issue very quickly. Will highly recommend anyone needing such services. Keep up the great work Benny!!”

Kelvin Teoh

“Benny is very professional n patience with all my requests. The eye test conducted is very thorough too.”

Juliana Koh

“It’s not only my eye guardian but my family’s eye guardian. Friendly, quality service and affordably priced.”

Mani Maran