Progressive Lens Singapore

Do you have difficulty reading or seeing things that are near and far to you? Has your field of view become more limited as you age? Do you experience eye strain more in the evening? Then it’s probably time to consider getting yourself a pair of progressive lenses at Your Eye Guardian!

What Are Progressive Lenses?

Also known as multi-focal lenses, progressive lenses are essentially vision lenses with three prescriptions that allow distance vision – it makes it easier for you to do close-up activities (reading a book), middle-distance activities (using a computer or TV) and long-distance viewing (driving, sightseeing, etc). And the best part about it is that you can get it all in one pair of glasses only!

Anyone at any age can use progressive lenses, but it is usually needed by adults over the age of 40 with presbyopia (far-sightedness) as our vision blurs due to age. Children can also wear progressive lenses to prevent increasing myopia (near-sightedness) too.

Wondering if progressive lenses are for you? Let our optometrist at Your Eye Guardian help by performing an eye examination to determine whether progressive lenses are for you.

Use A Pair Of Glasses with Progressive Lens and Improve Your Life!

Changing between pairs of spectacles can be a huge hassle. By investing in a pair of spectacles with these multi-focal lenses, you don’t have to worry about limited vision any longer! In fact, progressive lens in your glasses provides you smoother vision, where the transition from seeing near to far is natural and does not show any distortion for your eyes. They also look like regular glasses too and are adaptable to any type of frames to keep you looking trendy!

Although they can take some time to get used to and can cost more than a pair of glasses with regular lenses, they are absolutely worth it; in fact, most people who transition into progressive lenses have never looked back since!

Our team of opticians and optometrists at Your Eye Guardian will guide you through every step of the process to help you understand the features and technology behind progressive lenses and how they can help you improve and provide a wider and clearer field of vision for you in the long run.

Get Your First Pair of Glasses with Progressive Lenses at Your Eye Guardian Singapore!

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Get Your First Pair of Glasses with Progressive Lenses at Your Eye Guardian Singapore!

If you think you or a family member is experiencing early signs of presbyopia or myopia, come over to Your Eye Guardian to get a thorough eye check-up! Our friendly and professional opticians and optometrists pride themselves in providing the best service to our customers and cover all aspects of eye care to ensure that the health of your eyes is well looked after.

At Your Eye Guardian Singapore, we provide professional consultations and eye health screening to all our customers to determine the best products for their conditions. We take into consideration your health, your lifestyles and your budget to offer you the most reasonable and affordable product that fits your price range and needs.

Our team will also educate and guide customers on the proper usage of progressive lenses to help them adjust quickly to new changes, as well as fulfil any design requests for their glasses. Our glasses are completely customizable with various designs of frames that customers can choose from at our store!

Think it’s time for you to transition from traditional bifocal lenses to progressive lenses? Trust Your Eye Guardian to do what’s best for your eye health and visit us now!