Discover and Prevent Irreversible Blindness before it’s too late with
6-in-1 Optometry Package


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Here Is What You Get


Holistic Eye Disease Exam (Worth $129)

To identify tiny abnormalities in the cornea, iris and lens that result in cloudy vision


Blindness Risk Assessment (Worth $89)

By assessing optic nerves at the back of the eye to determine eye pressure  and detect early symptoms of permanent Vision Loss


Internal Eye Damage Evaluation (Worth $49)

Detects invisible problems on the eye surface through a close study of the retina’s insides


Personalised Eye Care Consultation (Worth $99)

Provided by our experienced in-house optometrists


UV-400 Multi Coat Lens (Worth $90)

UV-400 protection, scratch resistance coating and anti-reflective coating for clearer vision


Korean Ultra Light Spectacle Frame (Worth $70)

Light, comfortable and a wide variety for you to choose from!

Total Value: $526 

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A quick chat with us so we can understand your lifestyle, family's health history & concerns


Various Eye Examinations tailored to your age, general health condition, lifestyle (and more) will be conducted


A thorough Explanation of current eye test findings by our Professional Team


Analysis of your current eyewear and updating of your prescription if needed


Referral to reliable eye health specialists for any issues requiring further attention

Why Is It Important?

3 OUT OF 4 blind people in the world could have been saved from blindness

Don’t wait until it’s TOO LATEA number of conditions leading to blindness don’t show symptoms in their early stages

With EARLY DETECTIONyou can protect yourself and your loved ones and avoid losing sight of the things and people you love

Your Eyes are your most precious asset out of your 5 senses – losing it will have terribly DRASTIC consequences

Save yourself from EXPENSIVE MEDICAL FEES for eye disease treatments, which is easily 4 figures or more

Lifestyle habits today (e.g. too much screen time) leads to exponential RISKS in permanent eye damage

This Is Suitable If You…


Want to Prevent Avoidable Vision Loss

It is best to prevent Gradual, Silent and Irreversible Blindness before there’s no turning back…


Are a Phone User

Anyone who uses the phone, computer or watches TV daily, or if your eyes feel tired and teary


Have Perfect Eyesight

Surprise, surprise! Yes, even perfect eyesight does NOT mean you have good eye health!

Experience Headaches and Dizziness

Suffer from migraines and headaches for no reason, or simply feel discomfort with new or current spectacles


Want Good Vision till Old Age

If you wish to maintain great eyesight into your golden years so you can be independent, enjoy sightseeing & chiong Korean drama even when you’re 99


Experience Eye Discomforts

Have dry eyes, red eye, trouble adjusting to glare or distinguishing some colours, or you sometimes see bright floating spots

Why Us Instead Of Others?


1. Optometrist VS Optician: What's The Difference?

An Optometrist is Licensed to perform eye exams, vision tests prescribing corrective lenses, detect eye abnormalities and holds a minimum of a specialised Diploma in Optometry; while an Optician use prescriptions supplied by Optometrists and are not permitted to diagnose or treat eye diseases. Most retail spectacles shops persons are known as Opticians. 

2. How Are Your Progressive Lenses Different From Others?

Many of our customers told us that our lenses have a wider clear zone that allows them to see clearer at all distances. What’s more, we make sure the frame sit nicely on your nose and ears for optimal comfort and clarity – zero dizziness! We highly recommend you to come down to our clinic and try them for yourself!

3. What Are The Warning Signs Of Eye Health Problems?
The following symptoms could be early warning eye health problems:
– Your eyes are red, dry, itchy, or you are seeing spots, flashes of light, or floaters.
– You have a family history of conditions like diabetes, cataract or glaucoma or another health condition that affects your eyes
– You have difficulty driving at night and seeing street signs in the dark.
– You experience eye strain, headaches and/or blurred vision after spending an extended amount of time in front of a computer screen.
– You get motion sick, dizzy, or have trouble following a moving target.
4. Do The Glasses Include Warranty?

We do not condone or subject any of our clients to any form of pressure-selling. We believe that the great performance of our treatments is the main reason why we have attracted a strong and loyal customer base. We ensure what is the best and suitable treatment according to skin conditions and that is what our customers appreciate in our service.

5. Is The 6-In-1 Optometry Package Suitable For Children?
Definitely! As this screening emphasises on customised individual’s eye health, it is no doubt that individuals of all ages will benefit from it. We ensure our customers’ eyes are well taken care of holistically with our professional knowledge in the field of Eye Care. A number of our customers even call us their family’s eye guardian! 
Some eye diseases nowadays can happen at a younger age (not just in the elderly!) due to the high exposure to Sun’s UV Rays, mobile phones, computers, TV etc so it’s important to spot this early as well, so that proper clinical advice can be meted out to manage the conditions.
6. Is The Screening Painful?

No pain is involved, don’t worry!