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Tired of wearing the same look all the time whenever you go out in Singapore? Change up your look with a pair of contact lenses and boost your confidence!

Enhance Your Eyes with Contact Lenses!

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; we find that that is exceptionally true! Getting the right contact lens with the best quality for your eyes is extremely important; that’s why our optometrists at Your Eye Guardian are here to help!

At Your Eye Guardian, we recommend our customers the best products that suit their needs from our wide list of contact lens brands renowned for their quality and prices. We strive to provide our customers with education and information about their eye health, such as how to wear contact lenses, a recommended cleaning routine, and recommendations on what colour contact lenses suit you best.

Whether it is your first time wearing contact lenses or you’re exploring your options, our optometrists can provide the information and product that you’ve been seeking for.

What Are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are basically very thin discs of silicon material that sit on your eyes to provide you with natural vision. There are two types of contact lenses; soft contact lenses and hard contact lenses.

Soft contact lenses are the most popular as they provide the most comfort to their users. Made out of soft silicone hydrogel, they absorb moisture from your eyes and make them dry up much faster than without wearing them.

Hard contact lenses offer the benefit of more moisture and better oxygen supply to the eyes thus it is a much healthier choice and more hygienic as compared to soft contact lenses but lack the comfort that soft contacts provide. If you have astigmatism or have allergies, hard contacts may be the better product for you!

Have no idea which type of contacts may be the best fit for you? Our optometrists at Your Eye Guardian Singapore will perform an eye check to determine your eye conditions to determine the best product for you.

Why Wear Contact Lens?

Wearing contact lenses daily is an experience that is easy and hassle-free once you get the hang of it! There are tons of pros to wearing contacts; the first one being that they give you natural vision. No more fumbling about with glasses that fog up and get dirty. Contact lenses sit on your eye and move along with it so that you don’t have anything blocking your vision at all.

However, wearing them also requires a lot more attention to hygiene – cleaning your lenses are very important as not doing so can cause eye infections, which is most definitely what we don’t want! Not to worry though – Your Eye Guardian has got you covered from head to toe so that you have a pleasant experience with your first pair of contact lenses (and many future ones too)!

Hard Or Soft Contact Lenses… Which One To Go For? Choose Hybrid Lenses!

For first time wearers of contact lenses, deciding which type can be a dilemma. Frequent wearers of contact lenses may also want to try something new after finding out the ones that they have been using are not as comfortable as they would like.

Can’t choose between hard or soft contact lenses? Why not have the best of both worlds with hybrid contact lenses? Hybrid contact lenses are essentially a combination of both hard and soft contact lenses, made out of rigid gas permeable lens (GP), but it is surrounded by a skirt of a soft lens. Achieve comfort and great vision at the same time with hybrid lenses!

Hybrid lenses are great for:

  • People with presbyopia and regular corneal astigmatism
  • Multifocal patients who currently wear soft contact lenses wanting better vision
  • People who have dry eyes from soft contact lenses
  • People who are adapted to wearing hard contact lenses but want better options because it rocks and moves in the eye, thus making it unsuitable for sports like tennis, badminton or golf.

No more worrying about whether your contact lenses are too soft and will slip out any time – get yourself a box of hybrid lenses and enjoy the clear, crisp vision and comfort at the same time that they provide! Your Eye Guardian has a variety of hybrid contact lenses that suit your needs.

Get Your First Pair of Contact Lenses at Your Eye Guardian Singapore!

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Get Your First Pair of Contact Lenses at Your Eye Guardian Singapore!

Need an experienced optometrist in Singapore to give you the best advice on which brand of contact lenses suit you the best? Come pay a visit to Your Eye Guardian! Our team of highly experienced optometrists pride itself in providing the best service to our customers and cover all aspects of eye care to ensure that the health of your eyes is well looked after.

At Your Eye Guardian Singapore, we provide professional consultations and eye health screening to all our customers to determine the best products for their conditions. We take into consideration your lifestyle and budget before recommending any contact lens brands to ensure that they meet your pricing expectations. Other than performing eye checks, our team also educates our customers on the proper usage practices of contact lenses to make sure that it remains a pleasant experience even after you leave our shop.

Ready to get your first pair of contact lenses? Trust Your Eye Guardian with your eye care and make your first purchase with us now!