Blue Light Glasses – Are computer glasses worth it?

The COVID-19 pandemic means that most people are at home, relying on digital devices to get through their day.

As the days go by, you begin to notice some eye strain. This prompts you to do some research, upon which you find out that you have digital eye strain caused by blue light.

All the information seems to lead to one recommendation: to get some computer glasses. The best way to protect your eyes, and eliminate the eye strain associated with extended computer use, seems to be computer glasses.

Computer glasses with a blue light filter have been popular amongst office workers and gamers for a while now. With all the hours we spend staring at a computer screen now, computer glasses seem like a wise investment to prevent future digital eye strain.

Keep reading to find out what exactly are computer glasses and if they’re worth buying!

What are computer glasses?

What are computer glasses? Source: EyeTx

Computer glasses are glasses specifically designed for viewing computers, tablets and smartphones. They can protect your eyes and optimise the view of your computer screen to reduce eye strain.

These specially designed eyeglasses can help you to see your screen more clearly, reducing squinting and tiredness. They also can reduce digital eye strain from blue light-emitting digital devices.

Computer glasses differ from regular glasses in that they are specifically made to help reduce the eye strain associated with screen use.

The anti-reflective coating on computer glasses reduces the glare coming from the device screen. In addition, a special coating is also applied to the lenses to act as a blue light filter. That’s why computer glasses are also called blue light glasses.

What is the difference between computer glasses and reading glasses?

Reading Glasses vs Computer Glasses. Source: umizato

If you are beginning to experience presbyopia, bifocal prescription eyeglasses can provide clear distance and near vision.

Yet, intermediate vision (needed for computer screens and seeing your smartphone) often remains a problem. Progressive lenses offer some help for intermediate vision, but they aren’t specialised enough for comfortable computer work.

For these reasons, many people try using reading glasses for computer use. But these, too, have limitations.

Store-bought reading glasses are basically simple magnifying lenses with frame material. The shape of reading glasses lenses are better suited for near-distance objects with small details. Typically, off the shelve reading glasses don’t provide blue light protection either.

Meanwhile, computer glasses are quality eyeglasses with unique prescription lenses that optimise your intermediate vision zone. They allow you to focus your eyes on a computer screen, which is usually 20-26 inches away. That’s farther than reading material is normally held.

Basically, good computer glasses will

  • Correct any refractive errors you have at 1-3 specific reading distances
  • Provide the optimum amount of magnification for viewing your digital devices.
  • Protect your eyes from blue light.
  • Provide a wide, clear view of your digital devices.
  • Reduce vision focusing effort.

What type of lenses are there for computer glasses?

There are several types of blue light lenses for computer glasses. Because the prescription for these eyeglasses is specifically for computer use, computer glasses are not suitable for driving or general purpose wear.

Your optometrist and optician can help you decide which lens design will best suit your needs for computer glasses.

Single vision reading glasses

Single Vision Lenses.

The simplest computer glasses have lenses with the same power throughout the entire lens.

These are called single vision lenses. This lens power is customized for your specific needs and preferred computer screen viewing distance.

Single vision computer glasses offer protection and visual correction against eye strain & blurred vision.

However, you need to maintain a specific viewing distance for the lenses to optimise your vision.

When an unnatural posture is adopted, this inappropriate use can cause neck and back pain. As such, they are more suitable for reading in a preferred relaxed position as compared to computer use.

Progressive computer glasses

Progressive computer glasses

Progressive computer lenses are a type of multifocal lens. They have different powers for your distant, intermediate and near vision needs.

Progressive computer glasses have a larger intermediate zone than regular progressive eyeglasses.

These lenses provide a larger, more comfortable view of your computer screen. But these lenses have a smaller zone for distance vision and therefore are not for driving.

They are the preferred lens of choice to provide good vision and comfort for computer users.

Should I get blue light glasses?

Blue light can be quite harmful in the long run. Source: Business Insider

That is up to you to decide.

Although the existing research is divided on its effectiveness, there are several reasons why we recommend getting computer glasses. We trust you to make a properly informed decision.

However, if you aren’t experiencing any eye problems, you really won’t need computer eyewear.

In fact, they could be a hindrance. Computer eyeglasses don’t necessarily prevent eye strain in an already optimized environment. In addition, the frame material of eyeglasses can limit your range of vision and may actually hinder you more than not wearing the computer glasses.

Computer glasses can reduce eye strain and headaches

Digital Eye Strain. Source: Invision Optometry

Our modern world is full of screens emitting blue light everywhere. Case in point: you’re reading this through a computer or mobile phone screen now!

Our eyes were not evolved for this digital world.

The eye’s cornea and lens aren’t good at filtering blue light from reaching our retina, the thin layer of light-receiving tissue at the back of the eye. Over time, this can cause damage to its light-sensitive cells. That’s why we get eye strain and headaches when staring at screens for too long.

Computer eyewear protects our eyes by filtering the blue light from our screens.

Furthermore, due to the specialisation of computer eyeglasses, our vision is optimised to reduce strain on our eyes. This also contributes to reducing headaches that stem from working long hours at home.

Eyeglasses with a blue light filter can prevent sleep disruption

Blue Light is Disturbing Your Sleep. Source: PC Mag

Blue light regulates our circadian rhythm. Basically, it’s how our bodies know when to go to sleep and when to wake up.

Here’s a fun fact you can throw out at parties and impress your friends. Blue light suppresses the body’s secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness.

The sun, our natural blue light provider, is responsible for the increased energy and wakefulness we have in the day. When the sun goes down, our bodies notice the decrease in blue light and produce melatonin to signal that it’s time for bed.

But nowadays, our entire lives, from school to work, is spent in front of a screen. This can disrupt our circadian rhythm, making it harder to fall asleep or get a good night’s rest.

Computer eyeglasses with a blue light filter reduce the amount of blue light we are exposed to from our device screens. While it’s best to stop using digital devices for bed, sometimes it’s unavoidable.

If you find that your device use at night prevents you from sleeping well, a pair of computer glasses might be your new best friend.


Where can I buy computer glasses?

Your Eye Guardian: The Friendliest in Town!

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Start by having a comprehensive eye exam to rule out vision problems or update your eyeglasses prescription. This is to check if your problems stem from computer use or have a different underlying cause.

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Your Eye Guardian is one of the very few optical shops that have hospital-grade equipment. In addition, there will be 3 advanced tests that help our customers to identify any potential eye problems that might arise in the future.

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Here is a helpful tip if you want to specialise your eye exam for computer use:

  • Before scheduling your eye exam, measure how far you like to sit from your computer.
  • Measure from the bridge of your nose to the surface of your computer screen.
  • Bring along your current glasses if you have any.

Bring this measurement with you to your eye exam. It will help us determine the best lens power for your computer glasses.

And if you do need computer glasses, our package includes a brand new pair of glasses!

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